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44 Private Label Products You Can Manufacture Yourself

If you follow my courses then you know that I am a big proponent of product differentiation.

Selling the exact same products like everyone else is a recipe for failure.

Without a doubt product selection is the most important stage of every private label business.

No matter how good your product listing page looks like or how well your sales funnel is optimized, if you fail to choose a good product opportunity everything else will fall apart.

Good product = less promotion needed

Bad product = more promotion needed

Really bad product = high budget for promotion needed

Back in the day when Amazon wasn’t so crowded, there were many opportunities available. It was easy to find market gaps (higher demand than supply).

Today market gaps are hard to find!

You can’t rely on finding something that no one else sells.

You’ll have to go the extra mile and differentiate on a product level. In other words, you’ll have to source custom products and raise barriers for other sellers in order to survive long term.

But Damir, whenever I want to differentiate and produce a custom product, Chinese suppliers ask for high MOQs and higher product price??


Do you see how product differentiation can immediately wipe out a good portion of sellers who don’t have high enough budget to customize products?

What if I tell you that you can have custom products even on a small budget?

That is exactly why I created this list of products that you can manufacture by yourself!

Pros of manufacturing your own products:

    • Control of MOQ (minimum order quantity) – you can produce as many units as you want. Remember, you can send as low as 1 product unit to Amazon FBA. There are no minimums.
    • Quality control – no need for third party inspections. You have full control over quality assurance process.
    • Easy to improve based on customer reviews – tweak and improve based on what customers dislike about your product.
    • Not “Made in China” – this can be one of your main unique selling propositions. Even though it seems that almost everything is made in China, many customers still associate “Made in China” label with low quality. If you live in Europe or USA then use location of where a product is manufactured as one of your unique selling propositions. 
    • Low investment per custom product – no need to invest tens of thousands of dollars in order to test a product. You can manufacture as low as 1 product unit and test it out. Personally, I like to start with 100 units minimum in order to spread fixed costs of production and shipping to as many units as possible.

This strategy gives you an opportunity to test many custom products and see what works, even if you are on a very limited budget.

Once you find a winning product, simply produce more of it or outsource the production to factories. I usually go with the latter, because factories can produce much more units faster and at a lower cost than you.

Main problem with this strategy is scaling. I recommend that you have a plan to which factory you can outsource the production when you start scaling your business. But don’t stress over it now.

Without further ado, these are the products you can manufacture yourself:

Product ideas suited for selling on Amazon


Apparel is a very saturated industry, but with a few sewing machines it’s easy to manufacture your own products. I suggest that you focus on a specific niche, since apparel is a very broad industry. It’s relatively easy to find textile wholesale suppliers in almost any country. Also, positive side of apparel industry is that usually no additional product testing, inspections or certificates are needed. However it is your due diligence to find out if any certificates are required in country where you intend to sell.

1. Leather wallet for men or women

2. Hooded baby towel

3. Belts

4. Scarfs

5. Hats

6. tShirts

7. Tottes

8. Women legging

9. Skirts

10. Women dresses

11. Sleepwear

12. Baby Cloth Diaper

13. Towels

14. Halloween costumes

15. Bow ties


16. Car cover

17. Kick mats

18. Car seat covers

Home and kitchen

19. Bed linings

20. Custom DIY wall clocks

21. Lazy bags

22. Wooden cutting boards

23. Wooden utensils

24. Candles

25. Pillows

26. Bedding

27. Curtains

28. Indoor lamps


29. Bird cages

30. Dog leashes and harnesses

31. Dog car seat cover


32. Custom envelopes

33. Pencil holders

34. Wooden blackboards


35. Dust covers for computers, printers, monitors…

36. Phone cases

37. Tablet and smartphone stand


38. Bath bombs

39 Homemade soap

Toys and games

40. Wooden toys

41. Card games

42. Plush toys

43. Play mats


44. Back to school suppliers: organizers, folder organizer, etc.

DIY – The only limit is your creativity

Here’s an obvious hack for you. Surprisingly a lot of Etsy sellers are not aware of private label opportunity on Amazon.

Go to Etsy and you’ll find thousands of products ideas that you can manufacture.

Etsy is a global marketplace for creative people who usually manufacture their own products.

Invest some time into exploring what you can manufacture. There are endless number of do-it-yourself websites and YouTube channels.

Here are some that caught my attention:


Remember, your main goal is to launch as many custom products with as least money possible.

MOQ x CoGS = Investment needed

Although by manufacturing products by yourself CoGS (cost of goods sold) won’t be very competitive, but you can control minimum order quantity.

That way initial investment will be low.

Example (Chinese supplier):

2000 units minimum order x 4.6$ cost per unit = 9200$ (initial investment to test a product)

Example (Manufacture by yourself): 

100 units (although there are no minimums) x 8.6$ = 860$ (initial investment to test a product)

On top of that you can easily expand and create a line of relevant products similar to each other. 

Problem with Chinese suppliers is that they require high minimum order quantities for custom products. In the example above, instead of going with Chinese suppliers for 9200$ you could manufacture up to 10 products by yourself.

Way too many new Amazon sellers get stuck with too many units of the same product. Focus on having a low number of units of as many different custom products.

Once you find a winning product, scale to factories.

You have a recipe for success!

Do you have experience with DIY projects? Share your experience and ideas below…

Looking forward to your comment.

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