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Trick to getting permanent high authority links from Wikipedia

According to OpenSiteExplorer, Wikipedia has domain authority of 100/100.

No matter if you are optimizing your own website or a parasite page, link from Wikipedia can help you with boosting authority of a web property.

But aren’t Wikipedia links no-follow?

Yes, but still a link from Wikipedia carries authority and these days domain authority is extremely important in order to gain trust from Google. 

Links from this source can help you with ranking your website, money pages, Amazon product listings, social profiles etc…

In this short post I am going to show you a cool trick on how to get a permanent link from Wikipedia in just a couple of minutes.

1 – Register

Head over to Wikipedia and create a free account. Here are the reasons why you should create an account.

Even though you can contribute and change any non-protected page without an account (Yes! you can change Wikipedia page just by clicking on Edit button!), by having a Wikipedia account your IP address won’t be publicly available.

So the first step is totally up to you because link from Wikipedia can be obtained with or without an account. However, my suggestion is that you do it with an account.

2 – Research

Now its time to find an existing Wikipedia page that is relevant to your website or webpage topic. This is very important because you will be citing your own source, so the page must be relevant to a Wikipedia page that you will be editing.

If you currently don’t have any relevant page on your website that you can cite, then simply create one!!! Even a short 300 word page or infographic will do the job.

Head over to Google and type: keyword

(off course insert your own keyword)

If you are trying to get a link from local Wikipedia site then instead of put a local version of Wikipedia from which you want to get a link. For example: for Serbia, for United Kingdom.


Simply browse through the results and try to find the most relevant page on which you can add more content in order to place a citation that is going to point to your own page.


If you find a page that has this sign at the top, then you are lucky because these pages desperately require contributors.

However even if a page has over 20.000 words of content, just by adding one sentence you can secure yourself a high authority link.

Also try to find a Wikipedia page that doesn’t have hundreds of outgoing citation links. You can check this by scrolling down to Reference part of a page. The less citation links a page has the better.


For example lets say that you have a website about trees and you want to get a link from to your page that talks about Eastern Cottonwood type of tree.

Simply head over to google and type: Eastern Cottonwood

I have found this Wikipedia page to be the most relevant for this type of tree. Also if you scroll down you will see that it has less than 20 outgoing citation links.

3 – Add value

Now its time to edit the page and add some relevant content.

Make sure that you are not repeating something that is already mentioned in the article, as it needs to be a unique text that adds value to the page.

Click on Edit at the top of the page:


Then simply add a few sentences that are relevant to the topic that is covered on the page:


4 – Cite

Once you have added some content its time to cite the source in order to get a backlink to your website.

Off course you are going to cite your own website, so make sure that you have some content prepared.

To add a citation use this tag:

<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Eastern Cottonwood Record |author=American Forests}}</ref>

Change url= part with your own website destination URL

Change title= part to anchor text that you want to use for this link

Change author= part to your website name

This tag should be places at the end of the last sentence that you added to the page.

Once you are finished editing, click on Save Page at the bottom.

5 – Check

Once your link has been placed, make sure to come back after a few days to check if the link is still live.

This is because Wikipedia moderators check every change to make sure that content and citation sources are relevant. If you’ve done a good job of adding relevant content and citing relevant sources, then there is a very little chance of link getting removed.

In order to make the job easier, note down in an Excel file every Wikipedia link that you’ve created along with a keyword that you used in citations. This way once you come back to check if a link is still live, you can use browser CTR+F function to quickly locate the links.


No matter if you are optimizing your own website or a parasite webpage, Wikipedia links are one of the most easiest high authority links that you can obtain in just a couple of minutes.

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